Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the holiday is over.

Hello my very stylish and beautiful readers,

My 7 weeks of holidays from Sunshine & Daydreams are about to come to an end. But before I go back to my empire building( I like to think big), here's a little bit about where else I have been.

Hood River, USA

 Everyone in Hood River is a mad keen bike rider and or windsurfer, they have good coffee, wine in abundance, food and FASHION! And as this is a fashion blog I shall share with you what I found in the main street of Hood River.

Ava window shopping at one of the many home ware and gift stores.

 Every shop along the main street appears to be independently owned and all of them are worth a look.

Foundation at 3rd and Oak Downtown

The lovely owner of Foundation Brooke Pauly

 I was really impressed with this shop in particular. I don't really enjoy buying lingerie. Last time I did I just felt horrible, old, fat and stressed. But here, Brooke was helpful without being pushy, the ambiance was relaxing and there was a little sign in the cubicle that said a glass of champagne would be supplied if you found buying lingerie stressful. How thoughtful! You don't get that in a shopping centre chain store.

 So I treated myself to some beautiful 'underpinnings' and a pair of delicate earrings from a jewellery shop over the road, Silverado.

Then Scott & I spent yet another afternoon happy hour at 10 Speed. We admired our new shoes and jeans, and contemplated how well a Sunshine & Daydreams boutique would fit in to Hood River.

From my experience on this trip I'd have to say that the Americans could teach us a lot when it comes to customer service.

What do you think? Have you been to Hood River?

Don't be too shy to leave me a message. It really makes my day that you have taken the time to read this, and even more so when you leave a comment.

And I now need all the inspiration I can get to get me out of holiday mode and back to empire building................

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Everybody is stylish in Portland

So we are sadly back from our month in the USA.

I did try to post, several times. But short of throwing my iPad out of a moving car through sheer frustration, I gave up and just enjoyed myself.
The trip was about spending time with family in Hood River, eating, drinking, exercising in fresh air, discovering their history and exploring the museums.

I did get to spend 24 hours in Portland, and that was all about fashion and food.

We checked into the beautiful Benson Hotel and headed straight out to Stumptown for coffee.......

 ...where it dawned on me that I was sitting in the Deuce hotel from Portlandia. Clic here to see the clip.
 We grabbed lunch from the food vans that take over a full block in the city
 And enjoyed the free entertainment
 Then headed to the Pearl district to start our shopping. This is the Diesel boutique where Scott spent a small fortune.
 I found this little gem of a shop 'Radish Underground' selling a mix of local designer and vintage pieces.
 Then we headed up to 22nd street in the Alphabet District. We started at Urbane Outfitters ( disappointing, although I did buy a book and Scott some basic t-shirts).

We then continued on all along this fashion strip. I bought a floral dress from a very helpful and charming guy at Brooklyn Industries, a pair of Dish Flares and a pair of Soda wedges from a lovely girl at my favourite find, Galore Dept Store.

We visited so many shops, and all the staff we came across were delightfully charming in a way only the Americans know how.
 We then zig zaged our way through the back streets admiring the architecture.....
 ....and then headed back into town for dinner at Clyde Common. The people here were so stylish. Scott and I barley spoke as we people watched. This Dad and daughter combo kept catching my eye.
All the cool Girls are wearing flares, stilettos and an air of nonchalance most people can only dream of. That's something money can't buy.

At least I could buy the flares.

Portland, you rock. We loved you, and I can't wait to go back one day soon.