Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunday busy Sunday

Things look very different these days.

      I use to have a studio/work room with a big cutting table

       A room of my own, where I could stay up all night

     With hours to myself to cut and sew, sketch and plan

                 Things are very different now

      Most of my cutting and sewing happens on the kitchen table

                     Surrounded by family                                                                           

                            Trying to remember what used to come easily.

So if you are wondering why it is taking us so long to get ourselves sorted, we can only steal a few hours every fortnight to get together and plan, take photos. But we have so much combined experience, our wonderful children to inspire us and buckets of ambition.

Jennie will be launching her photography website soon and my new and improved online shop will be back again any day now.

                                                         We will get there.           


                                           The best things take time...........


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Green is the new black, slow is the new fast

And so this is what I have been up to..............

Last week I attended a couple of seminars at the fashion expo, Fashion Exposed.

The first one was an inspiring talk by one of the founders of brilliant online shopping experience, The Grand Social.

As soon as I'm more organised I'll be adding them to my online presence.

So far I've set up online shops through Etsy, Big Cartel, Blue Caravan and Young Republic.

The second seminar I attended was a series of talks held by TCF Australia on becoming a 'GREEN' accredited fashion business, and how slow sustainable fashion must take over from fast throw away fashion.

I'm all inspired to make a difference and be as green as I can be. 

You can also make a difference by:

Buying the best quality you can afford.

Buying organic where you can.
Choosing recycle and vintage instead of chain store.
Buying quality items made locally. 
Re selling, donating or passing on instead of throwing out.

On a lighter note, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has started. I'm  attending another talk 'In Our Own Backyard' on sustainability in fashion.

Are you attending anything?

If you are in sunny Melbourne get yourself into the city and support your local fashion industry.

Especially the green ones.