Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Front page of the Star newspaper, thank you very much!

A big thank you has to go out to the good people at the Star who thought this story was worthy of their front page.


This week technology, and my lack of skills has taken over all my precious designing and sampling time.

I have just waisted half my day trying to figure out how to attach a pdf to my blog.

And yes I did google it, but boy oh boy was it confusing.

I give up.

So now it's back to the sewing and the joys of figuring out my new sewing machine.

My brain hurts and I feel slightly panicked.

16 days left until our first market.


Friday, May 20, 2011

almost famous, no thanks to Frankie

I sent out my first couple of press releases last Friday to my local Star Newspaper and Frankie magazine.
A weird combination, I know.
Bless the editor of the Star, he sent out his very best reporter and photographer yesterday, and fingers crossed we will be in the next edition. But why is it that only today my hair looks great, and only now can I think of all the clever and insightful things I should have said.
Anyway, I'm busy getting some stock ready for the next Yarraville market. (Saturday June 11th) Tulle has been purchased, swing tags and labels ordered, and our online shop will be up any day now.
And I meant to say more THANK YOUS to Jennie for her beautiful photography featured in last weeks posting. If any one is looking for a super duper photographer you can contact Jennie at
So if anyone knows someone from my favourite magazine Frankie, let them know that I'm waiting patiently by the phone.
Waiting, waiting, waiting.............................................................