Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dresses for little girls 7 to 14

Test driving a sample.

So, surely no parent wants their little girl to grow up too quickly? But at the same time, no 7 year old wants to wear the same outfit as a 3 year old.

At least that is my theory.

And little girls want to run around, get messy, have fun in swooshy dresses that just have a hint of what it might feel like to be a grown up.

But, just a hint.

It is a tricky age group to design for.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

This is trending

My mood board is back up. It is a weird mix of 70's surfer chic and haute couture. In my head, this makes sense.

I find inspiration all over the place.

 This book cover caught my eye on the weekend. How hard could that be to bead by hand?

Another source of inspiration last week was Garance Dore's behind the scenes at Valentino film.

In fact, Garance Dore has a lot to answer for. I can loose hours reading her blog and watching her This is Trending and Pardon My French videos.

But I now have a deadline to work to.

I have 5 weeks to get a small range finished and photographed for

So enough of the daydreaming, and being distracted by this.

Let the madness begin!