Sunday, November 25, 2012

One party dress a week

I am a visual person

  For some  reason this perfectly formed organic pineapple and a flower my little girl had picked for me last Monday morning fuelled my inspiration and gave me the focus and energy to complete my first sample, in a few stolen hours.

 I now have two days a week(between school drop off and pick up) to work on my empire

And evenings, if only I could stay awake

  So I really can't afford to get distracted if I want to get anything done.

One sample a week is do able, I hope? And a new business plan to stun a bank manager will keep me busy through summer. As well as being a mum,with school holidays fast approaching, I also manage a little boutique part time. So TIME management is just something I need to get better at.

I need enough samples for a pop up shop in time for next years party season.

One dress a week.

I can do it

Watch this space..............

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do little girls only wear pink?

My little girls favourite colour has always been black.

I made this outfit over a year ago, and it is still her favourite.

So, now that I have decided to do a new range for Girls 7 to 15 and my first sample needs to be ready by tomorrow night for her grade one disco. Guess what colour she requested?

Black of course.

 I only have watermelon.

It took a bit of persuading. Watermelon is not pink.

I told her Watermelon is the new black

I'm not sure that she was convinced.

Stay tuned..................

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spring Racing Fashion 2012

A beautiful customer sent me these photos of herself at the Melbourne Cup.

Viz's Sunshine & Daydreams head piece was made to order at the very last minute

And I'm sure you will all agree that she looked elegant, perfect for the races

       Your head candy for the races should make you feel                  beautiful, not silly, and lady like, but not uncomfortable.

I'm so looking forward to attending the races myself next year, but at least knowing a few happy heads were out there wearing Sunshine & Daydreams was consolation enough for this year.   

Monday, November 5, 2012

How not to make a facinator

My little helper had a day off from school today

So while I finished off the last orders for Cup Day

My little assistant made her own fascinator and a dress for her Monster High Zombie Doll

 A home made mango icy pole was her reward for being such a patient girl. 

 Nothing beats bespoke

And so, the madness is nearly over for another year.