Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Front page of the Star newspaper, thank you very much!

A big thank you has to go out to the good people at the Star who thought this story was worthy of their front page.


This week technology, and my lack of skills has taken over all my precious designing and sampling time.

I have just waisted half my day trying to figure out how to attach a pdf to my blog.

And yes I did google it, but boy oh boy was it confusing.

I give up.

So now it's back to the sewing and the joys of figuring out my new sewing machine.

My brain hurts and I feel slightly panicked.

16 days left until our first market.


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  1. Oh dear - there are several ways - I use SCRIBD which is a hosting site where you upload the doc or pdf. From there you can embed it: see (You'll have to copy that URL into your Address Bar - can't put active links in blogger Comments field i think.)
    You can embed huge docs as well as a one pager.
    With your fabulous news article: you could always scan it and save as a jpg. Is that what you did? OR did you take a photo of it?
    I hate the idea of sitting by oneself and struggling to work out how to do something if there are people around who could point you in the right direction so quickly. That's why my blog has a techie focus: one day someone will respond and give me the tip i've been looking for. Or better still, someone will be thankful for the help with video files (for example).