Thursday, June 2, 2011

Help, I need a machinist!!!

Some good news and some bad news.

We have had to move the date of our participation in the Yarraville market to next month. 'Yippee' I hear you all say. 'More time to save up for Cindi Lauper inspired ballet skirts'.

I must have been crazy(or stingy) to think that I could make all the stock myself in time for the market. And I'm not sure that my labels and swing tags will arrive in time either.

So now I am on an urgent look out for a machinist, a dress maker or a quality local manufacturer.

Does anyone have someone they can recommend?

 I also have my first order for cup head pieces ( for big girls) to keep me extra busy, and I have to make them myself.

So stay tuned for stockists, market dates and our online shop. is now registered and will be operational any day now.

Some lovely half made skirts, help!

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