Monday, September 6, 2010

Set back number one

Day 21

Miss Congeniality

Jennie ill. Not with anything serious, just disgusting. But enjoying the drugs.
We will have to halt looking for a shop for at least two months , while she endures triple doses of antibiotics and all the lovely side effects that entails.
On the bright side(and I'm sure there is one) I have longer to get the two ranges together, finish the business plan and source stock.
And it looks like the shop might end up in Yarraville, Melbourne's best kept secret.

Above is a photo from my very last Cicciolina range that I have re titled 'why you shouldn't try to go back to work when your new baby is waking you up every 40 mins through the night'.
Somebody did love this dress and bought it for their 18th birthday party. Bless her whoever she is.
But I am very glad that Ava now sleeps now and I can spend a little more time on each design. I don't miss having to design and sew a range in a week.
Good things come to those that wait.
Stay tuned.......

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  1. Yarraville's gorgeous! Can't believe it's still a secret!?