Thursday, October 7, 2010

I love Yarraville

I just bought all this for $12 from the delightful Green Collective in Yarraville!
A bronze platted wide belt, a silver chain necklace and a pearl ( I suspect fake) bracelet with a butterfly clasp.

This morning I walked to the village, bought a coffee from the fantastic Corner Store, had my hair done at one of my five local hairdressers, window shopped at Laquer (where we religiously buy our jeans) and browsed at the Sun bookshop (where we buy all our presents). And found the exact belt I needed for $6 at Green Collective.

How lucky we are to live here.

And seeing as I'm in a good mood, I'll forgive whoever took over the lease on the shop I had my eye on! To you I say "pooh pooh" and I really hope you put something interesting, independant and green in there. Please please don't let it be an out of the box juice bar, fast food or chain store. After going to Highpoint (the lowpoint of the week) I felt shell shocked, freak out and depressed. We don't need a little highpoint in our main street, quelle horreur.

And now I'm off to whip up Ava and myself dresses to wear to a wedding. Less than 24 hours to make 2 party frocks. Can I do it? I bloody hope so!

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