Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Men Swear by Menswear

A brief history of fashion in my family.

Two bookmakers at the Curragh races in about 1907.
My great grandfather Michael Duggan is the one on the right. I am very impressed with his style.

His beautiful wife Margaret Bennett in 1904.
Her family owned a menswear store in Dublin and their motto was 'men swear by menswear'
I may have to borrow that catchline.

My extremely beautiful other great grandmother Bridget Blood in 1910.
So much fur! But very fashionable.

Bridget in 1914, not sure about the hat.

Another fine dresser, her husband George Blood in 1907

A beautiful photo of my grandmother Helen Blood 1921 aged 13.

And of course my much loved grandfather Gerry Duggan appeared in the most stylish of all James Bond films' Goldfinger'. I found a photo on IMDb but because I'm not sure of copyright laws and I don't want to be sued just press here.

So my Dads side of the family seem to have been a bunch of snappy dresses, I'm now going to hassle my mum for a brief history of dressing in her family.

I'm working on more head pieces this week. The Perth Cup is in January and a whole lot of fashion forward Western Australians will be needing flowers for their hair.

Giddy up.


  1. Amazing photos! So much inspiration to draw on when designing clothes today! Hope you are really well. Must go and check out some old photos myself!....

  2. Thanks for your comment on my photos - I just love what my little canon point and shoot can do! Hope you are on top of the world! Nadya