Friday, January 11, 2013

Buy Less, Choose Well

Limited edition 'Miranda' dress.
Made to order 
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I don't always follow my own advice. I'm often tempted to buy cheep chain store pieces, especially for my little girl, but they fall apart so quickly!! Its just not economical in the long run, and is so bad for our planet!

So, as one of my new years resolutions, I'm going to try and resist the impulse to buy cheap disposable fashion.

And my other big resolution, to get our OFFICIAL WEBSITE  and ONLINE BOUTIQUE up and running in six months, and a bricks and mortar shop to follow soon after.

You will be able to purchase both Sunshine & Daydreams and Cicciolina. Demi couture and limited edition dresses for little and big girls that can be worn, passed on or re sold.

And all pieces are guaranteed not to fall apart after 3 washes.


  1. I used to buy as much as possible but in the past 2 years i've really limited my buying- only a few peices a year and really great quality :) thanks for sharing this great msg!

    1. And you always look fantastic, an up and coming style icon!