Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Many Moons Ago

So so long ago, way back in the olden days, so far back young folk have only heard whispers and rumors, there was a cult label called Cicciolina.

Cicciolina was a beautiful demi-couture women's wear label specialising in one off party/cocktail dresses. We used vintage fabrics and hand beading to create sumptuose dresses for It Girls and It Girl wanna bees.

After 5 years maternity leave, I can't wait to start again!

Here are shots from Cicciolinas last range. Spring Summer 2004.

New range coming soon.............


The title I have given our new little girls party dress range.

Designed while helping my daughter make ginger snaps and discovering the joys of an afternoon Gin.

Have you tried working from home with an energetic, attention seeking pre schooler?


It is a known fact that I have no waist. But that's not what is important.

Waste in garment manufacturing is a problem. So much fabric is thrown out. Not to mention the terrible habit some people seem to still seem to be inflicted with. BUYING CHEAP DISPOSABLE CLOTHING.

Stop it now.

Live with less. Investment buy. Buy with a conscience.

Sunshine & Daydreams and Cicciolina will use all our fabric and manufacture locally. The garments are to be worn over many years, and handed down or given away to be loved another day.

When we open flagship store Sunshine and Daydreams later this year we will support  other locally made quality designers, as well as especially selected vintage and recycle pieces. And look out for luxury green essentials.

Stay tuned for more........ 

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