Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Day 13

I stayed up way beyond my bed time last night.
I couldn't help myself.
Flicking from channel to channel- I hit Gold!
Dirty Dancing was just starting.
A film I had so despised growing up presented itself to me as a revelation.
Everything that was good about  80's and 50's fashion all wrapped up in Patrick Swayzes more than capable, exceptionally toned arms.
High cut long sleeve leotards,crimped hair pulled up tight with enormous scunchies, sheer black stockings and of course full circle skirts.
Here comes summer 2010.
Bring it on.
Stay tuned..........


  1. Ooh yes, I remember... But don't you mean summer 2011? Isn't the fashion industry one and a bit seasons ahead of everyone else? Or, as is usually the case, models shiver in skimpy shoestring dresses for a photo shoot on a windy Melbourne day of max 15 degrees! Brrr.

  2. ah yes the 80's hey day! Bring those days back!