Thursday, January 20, 2011

fashion as art

I have latched on to an interview I found on with the popular philosopher Alain De Botton.

Click on the link below to hear him talk about how fashion is much more than mere frivolity. It is art, and an important part of 'the good life'.

I just wanted to share this with everyone as it makes me feel better about being something as frivolous as a 'fashion designer'.

It has always sat a little uncomfortably with me when people ask what do you do.
"I'm a fashion designer" seems silly and lightweight. Especially when talking to someone who actually does something important or worthwhile.

But we can't all walk around nude, and we need to protect ourselves from the wind\rain\sun, so we may as well put a bit of effort into our appearance.

And psychologically, taking care of yourself, having self respect and an interest in how you present yourself to the world is very important.

What I don't agree with is his theory that fashion is closer to cooking than architecture as a dress only lasts a shot time. 

Well made clothing can last for centuries.

I took the above shot at the 'Australian Made' exhibition at Federation Square. Isn't it beautiful? It is over 100 years old, and I have never heard of anything edible lasting that long.

And so that brings me back to Cicciolina and Sunshine and Daydreams. Beautiful well made investment pieces, to wear and wear again and then pass on to be loved and worn by someone else.

Photos of new pieces coming soon.

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