Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mrs Brady

While looking for the news last night I caught the end of The Brady Bunch and found myself longing for Mrs Brady's life. A life  of swanning around doing nothing while her house keeper and husband did all the work.

I'm sure I'd go mad from boredom, but a housekeeper could be useful.

But my modern Mr Brady certainly, and rightfully expects a little bit more from me
(we do only have one child not six) and is sending me articles on how to get your business mojo back while making sideways glances at the lack of progress being made in my work room.

So I have dug out my well worn copy of Michael E. Gerber's The E Myth and I'm putting my systems in place.

First off, I will blog my progress every Friday, and set tasks for the following week.

Task number 1. Make appointments with fabric wholesalers
                      2. Logo for Sunshine and daydreams
                      3. Business cards ordered
                      4.Work room organised
                      5. One big girl & one little girl dress sample completed.
                      6. Get better at taking photos.

A dress fit for Mrs Brady? It looks great on -really it dose.
When Jennie gets time, I'll put up a better photo and you will see....

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