Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love Letter to Carine

If you are no longer in the market for a pink tulle ballerina skirt and the terms 'dressing for your age' set your teeth on edge, then maybe like me you are always on the look out for style icons.

Mine at the moment is the divine Carine Roitfeild.

Here she is photographed in her signature  black figure skimming loveliness by Karl Largerfeld.

And while searching for photos to inspire me I found a quote from Carine quoting Tom Ford who said "when you get older you must get blonder."

I'm not sure how much blonder I can get, but I'll keep it in mind.

Anything Tom Ford says about style has to be good advice. In fact if I was a man he would be my number one style icon and man crush.

So, I finally finished my first Cicciolina dress in 6 years. Phew, that was a long break.

Thanks Sarah for ordering it, you are going to look tres chic at your party.

I think Carine would approve, don't you?


  1. Hi Barbara! Thanks for your great response! Look forward to seeing your future posts and your shop looks great too! Nadya

  2. Lovely dress...and oh how I love Carine!