Sunday, January 1, 2012

Summer holiday reading for inspiration.

I am spending the school holidays enjoying the sun and relaxing with my family, but also planning for a bigger and better year ahead for Sunshine & Daydreams. I am going to to sit in our new blow up pool reading inspiring biographies while sipping iced tea and yelling at children.

Here is my reading list.........

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson - chosen for obvious reasons. This blog is written on a iMac, photographed on an iPhone while I listen to my iPod and dreaming about buying an iPad.

Charlotte Bronte, a biography by her freind Elizabeth Gaskell. This one I bought myself as a Christmas present and I shall read to remind me that my life is not actually that hard.

Finally, Halston by Steven Bluttal and Patricia Mears. I picked this one up from one of the libraries I belong to. It is full of wonderful photos from the 1960's, 70's and 80's. I keep my iPhone in hand and google everyone in the photos as I go.

I love opening my mind up to possibilities of what you can do. It is always a good idea to start the year off inspired.  

And I've just joined Pinterest in order to gather all the photos I collect for inspiration in one place. I'll add a widget as soon as I can be bothered to get out of the pool and figure out how.

Happy New Year. I hope you are starting this year fresh, happy and inspired to do something wonderful.

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  1. Hey there! You've inspired me to be a little more patient with reading - I find it hard to concentrate on books! But there really is so much to gain from reading a variety of things, enjoy!