Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fitness & Fashion

Fitness, health and fashion go hand in hand.

You really can't enjoy fashion, or indeed life, unless you feel great on the inside and comfortable in your own skin.

Last week my dear friend and fellow blogger Dani from, packed her four kids in the car and drove for two hours to visit me.

Her energy and positive attitude to life have been such an inspiration to me. I now read her blog daily, to inspire me to get out of bed and go for my daily walk, do my Yoga, and consider  everything I eat and feed my family. 

 Photos courtesy of her talented 7 year old son . 

Our gorgeous kids and friend. Photos courtesy of Dani's Instagram

But,I am lucky. I have had a great head start in life.

My mum Sandie is truly the healthiest person on the planet.

                   Tai Chi, Byron Bay style

After retiring from working as my design assistant at Cicciolina and moving to Byron Bay, she retrained as a Tai Chi instructor and now runs her own school.Dhyana Tai Chi-Qigong.

                    How inspiring is that!

                      Instructing her star pupil

And she still enjoys fashion.

Because if you look after yourself inside and out, mentally and physically, it does not matter how old you are, fashion is there to be enjoyed by everyone.

It is the icing on the cake of life.


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  2. Sorry for the late reply honey, we had such a lovely day! What a beautiful post and dream job your Mum now has!! We can't wait to retire in Byron Bay!! It's where I meet my soul!! XxDani