Monday, May 27, 2013

If I was a man, I'd wear this..........

Sometimes I daydream about what kind of man I would be.

 Don't you?

Well anyway, I know I'd be a Dandy.

I'd get my hair and beard trimmed at Captains of Industry,

Get my shirts made to measure there too,

My accessories from Lord Coconut,

And I'd fly to London to get my suits made here............

Photo Courtesy of Business of Fashion of Thom Sweeney,UK.
Look closely at this photo.Now squint your eyes, and where it says Bespoke Tailors, imagine' Sunshine & Daydreams' bespoke for big and little girls.That's what we are working towards.

It looks like this at the moment

 I discovered Thom Sweeney, while reading Business of Fashions daily blog on the revitalisation of bespoke men's tailoring.(read the full article here).

It warms the cockles of my heart to read about how young men are embracing quality over quantity.It seems that small businesses specialising in made to measure, quality garments that are made to last, with expert service in a stylish and creative environment, are booming.

Now I just have to hope that girls will follow this trend.