Monday, August 5, 2013

How to dress a tween.

The best answer would be, you don't, just let them express themselves.

But, it is a little harder to let go when you have spent your whole working life in the fashion industry.

My little girl turned eight today, and more than ever I'm realising that she has her own taste and interests.

I imagined her birthday as a high tea party looking something like this........

She has requested a detective party and a science kit. And she couldn't really care less about clothes.

She is her own person. She has her own taste.

At least she has been invited to a princess party this weekend, and that means I have to make a big frothy party frock for her by Saturday.

I even bought her a tiara to go with the vintage fabric we chose.

So, don't forget that I can design something amazing, for even the fussiest of tween. Drop me a line, come follow us on Face book and Instagram, as we slowly but surely build our Australian made demi couture and bespoke empire for little and big girls.

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