Thursday, October 17, 2013

The trick to staying alive in retail in Australia

Here is a free tip to any struggling retailers out there
from someone who has worked in the industry for 20 years...

Don't ignore your customers!

I spent the day in Mornington recently, checking out retail opportunities for our flagship store.

For those of you who don't know it, Mornington it is a beautiful little seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour out of Melbourne.

I spent a bit of time exploring the shops, being ignored in most of them.

I even took photo's of shop assistants ignoring me. In empty shops where I was the only potential customer, it bugged me that much! 

This home wares shop was a stand out. Great customer service, products people want to buy, and it was full of customers.
Surprise, surprise!

It really isn't hard to be friendly.

We did find one potential shop to lease though. And as my little girl pointed out, if we just change our logo from Sunshine & Daydreams to Funky Stuff, we could move straight in.

I'm not sure of that idea


  1. Good luck with the new venture Barbie! :)

    .. and yes, couldn't agree more. Sick of going into shops where I'm made to feel like the proprietor is doing me a favour by tolerating me in there!

    1. Thanks Glimmer! Still weighing up our options.
      And some cafe workers are just as bad. Don't get me started on our local cafe which although we loved had to stop going to, because one of the owners looked like she was going to kill me every time I went in to order my coffee!!! Some people are just not ment to be in customer service.

  2. Sounds exciting, good luck.
    I was in Mornington last year when we were over for a holiday and it is a nice spot