Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks Julia

Thanks Julia for the bagels.

Thanks for the seminars and the workshops and for granting funds to TCF Australia so that I can learn( for free) all there is to know about online marketing.

TCF Australia is running free workshops for small business operators throughout Australia. If you have a fashion business you may be eligible for the free bagels too. Check out their website at

And so I have been embarking on some intensive re training. I've learnt all about Meta Tags, Google Key Words, Search Engine Optimisation, Cloud computing and all sorts of software options I've already forgotten.

They say that the state of your desk is a reflection of the state of your mind.

But there is so much to do and so much to learn, but I'm not complaining. I'm loving it!

So now I just have to start trading and earning some money so that I can pay dear Julia back.


  1. AND you've got 15 followers of your blog - you're going great!
    And what about 'monetising' your blog - did she mention that?

  2. Thanks Jill! We have hundreds reading it. As soon as I post about 40 people check it out straight away which is great.It would be fantastic if they all became followers.I may have to start bribing my dear readers.
    What is 'monetising'? I must of missed that.

  3. Just googled 'monetising'. Yes I must get on to that!